4th Annual Primal RC Race 2021

Primal RC is excited to host our 4th Annual Race! Along with 2 Stroke Mafia, racing will take place this year in Halethorp, MD. We look forward to seeing the craziest and fastest builds at this event!

Four Racing Classes:
As usual this event will feature four racing classes:
- Sportsman Baja (34cc or less)
- Extreme Baja (35cc or higher)
- Sportsman Dragster (34cc or less)
- Extreme Dragster (35cc or higher)

The Sportsman Class is for those that are running 35cc engines or below. This class is more than just speed; this involves skill as well. Sometimes it comes down to skill over speed at the end.

The Extreme class is for those that are Fearless. This class is for anyone running a 35cc engine or higher. This class is a perfect opportunity to go all out and bring the biggest and baddest there is.

As with any event, there are rules that are in place to keep things in order and fair for all competitors. Please be sure to READ ALL RULES before the day of the event. You will be responsible to know the rules. Ignorance of the rules is no exception to the rules. This years rules can be found here: 
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