Bulletin: We are aware of the fraudlent offers for our Raminator Monster Truck. Be advised that the only place to purchase the Raminator is here on Primal RC or from our authorized dealers.

Raminator Monster Truck Assembly Instructions

Watch all 4 parts of the assembly instruction videos below to learn how build and run your Raminator Monster Truck.

There are also optional instruction videos for removing the choke and changing the gear ratios.

Use the button below to download the manual for more detail.

What's in the Boxes?

See what's included with the Raminator Monster Truck.

Assembly Part 1

Assembling the suspension & Transmission

Assembly Part 2

Assembling the brakes & wheels

Assembly Part 3

Applying the Stickers to the truck

Running the Truck

Starting the truck and safety precautions

Changing the Gear Ratio

You can change your setup for more torque or more top-end.

Removing the Choke

You can optionally remove the choke from the engine.