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TMR PERFORMANCE 36cc Modified Dragster Engine
TMR PERFORMANCE 36cc Modified Dragster Engine

TMR PERFORMANCE 36cc Modified Dragster Engine

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TMR 36cc Performance Dragster Engine
Part Number: TMR01

  This engine starts out as a stock Rovan 36cc engine and then gets the following done by TMR Performance
  Direct fit for HPI Baja, Rovan and King Motor Baja, Primal RC Dragster and many other 1/5 scale vehicles.

  •   Upgraded crank bearings and seals
  •   Crankcase transfer ports de-burred
  •   Exhaust port timing and size modified
  •   All Gaskets replaced
  •   All gaskets surfaces milled and true
  •   All bolts have locktite to prevent loose hardware
  •   Spark plug gap set
  •   All components fully inspected before assembly
  •   All engines have been bench tested but not tuned
  •   Final tuning needs to be done by the end user, depending on pipe/air filter/gear ratio/vehicle weight etc.. these all affect where the tune needs to be
  •   A premium fuel with a minimum of 92 octane is highly recommended and suggested.
  •   We recommend VP fuel and ethanol free fuels such as tru fuel
  •   Factory specifications is 25/1 oil ratio and we suggest Amsoil Saber for all TMR PERFORMANCE Engines
  •   Rated at 8+ HP
  •   Walbro 1191 Carburator
  •   8000 RPM Clutch
  •   Easy pull start system (only a slow gentle pull needed to start it)

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