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TMR Performance 49cc V2 Raminator Truck Engine
TMR Performance 49cc V2 Raminator Truck Engine

TMR Performance 49cc V2 Raminator Truck Engine

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TMR Performance 49cc V2 Raminator Monster Truck Engine
Part number: TMR03

This is the New TMR Performance V2 49cc Engine
Newly designed intake system consisting of a larger more angled reed valve with much larger Boyesen reeds and 6 pedals
This change was mostly for putting the carburetor on more of an angle to get the air filter further away from the driveshaft and other moving parts to avoid contact and help keep the filter cleaner longer .

A 1/2" insulator to help keep the heat off the carburetor

Compression increased slightly for even more bottom end grunt
Carburetor swivel upgrade

*note: rear sway bar must be relocated with the provided hardware to accommodate these changes . We advise that you do not attempt to run the stock exhaust pipe as it limits power drastically and can cause clutch failure , this applies to all v1 and v2 engines. Special designed pipes will be available for these engines soon.

  • Aftermarket cylinder, ported. Transfer ports are added and other modifications are performed
  • New 6 Pedal reed valve with Boyesen reeds
  • Crankshaft is balanced
  • Crankshaft bearings replaced with high quality ones
  • Crankshaft seals are replaced with Zenoah ones for a much better seal
  • Tight fitting NGK spark plug boot and NGK spark plug pre gapped
  • HDA-48 large bore Walbro carburetor with pulse fitting and throttle cable swivel.
  • Drilled and tapped Flywheel for easy future removal/maintenance
  • Upgraded upper rod bearing
  • Piston has been drilled for wrist pin oiling
  • Crankshaft has machine work done for clearance purposes
  • Adjustable clutch is pre adjusted, modified and installed
  • Timing set
  • All hardware is loctited and crosscheck torque vibration indicator paste applied to the head bolts at the base of cylinder to indicate if the bolts start to loosen
  • Extras:

    When using the stock air filter with this engine the airfilter will hit the fuel tank so we have included spacers and hardware to raise the fuel tank to fit it. Check out this video on how to do this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g1jXCZEW-g

    The Carburetor has no primer and the return line will now become the vent line, this is where you install the supplied vent check valve.
    Upgraded heavy duty pull start tube with rubber stops

    Recommended fuel and oil:

    We highly recommend 94 octane non ethanol VP fuel at 50:1 and Amsoil Saber 2 stroke oil mix
    Other oils can be used like Castor 927, Klotz, Amsoil Dominator, Motul

Recommended break in:

No break in required! Just get some temperature up in the engine while setting a base tune, once you have a good base tune and your idle set start running it hard and getting the tune optimal. Do not try to set the high as you would a small RC engine, this engine will never hit that high rpm note, you must always keep the low and high slightly richer then you would on smaller engines. Once you are happy with the tune drive it like you stole it!!! No need to waste time or money with long break in cycles

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